Thursday 11 June 2020

Product Span of BTW Project

The BTW is an invention that has ramifications over a wide range of small, low speed, rough terrain wheeled vehicles. Among other applications, it provides a low cost solution to the “last mile” problem. As well as civilian applications, it has military and planetary exploration application.

All models below are electrically powered. 

Examples of applications where the BTW will improve performance include:-

1 Wheeled - Wheelbarrow

2 Wheeled – Hand Cart, Goods Trolley

3 or 4 Wheeled -

  • Civilian – Rough Terrain Wheelchair, Rough Terrain Remote Controlled or Autonomous Trolley, Autonomous Last Mile Delivery for Post, Parcels, Meals, Shopping etc., Disaster search and recovery.
  • Military – Foot soldier support, Light weapons platform, Advance listening post, Mine/IED detection and defuse. Could also be amphibian and be able to travel on snow, wetlands and sand.
  • Space – Moon, Mars and Asteroid exploration.
IP Status :- This is being investigated. The BTW itself is probably patentable. Whether the applications are would require advice from a patent agent

Professional Status :- I have a BSc (Hons) Degree in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Control Engineering. During my career I have designed systems for a wide variety of industries ranging from confectionery to nuclear reactors. I developed the world’s first digital chart recorder in 1976.

Contact :- I am Dr Alex B Gardiner. I am based in Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Date of Birth :- 16th November 1940

eMail :- 

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